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The battlespace for the warfighter is an evolving environment that requires ubiquitous radio technologies to adapt to a given mission’s concept of operations. And multiple datalinks are not necessarily enough. Additional feature functionality may also be required in the form of:

  • A Software defined radio (SDR)
  • Multi-waveform support on a single software selectable unit
  • A Light-SWAP
  • An Integrated 5G capability with broadband data rates and different selectable 5G RAN components including:<br> - CU, DU, RU or complete gNB + Core<br> - UE, and/or IAB node

NxGenComm’s light weight and low power software defined platform (“M5NS”) is capable of supporting multiple waveforms, datalinks and different 5G RAN components including a complete gNB, UE or IAB node. The M5NS software defined platform can be deployed for multiple CONOPs including vehicles, drones, and man portable systems. It supports integration with different antenna technologies (including MIMO and phased array antennas) and multiple bandwidths ranging from 5-200 MHz.

Capable of maintaining connectivity in a dynamic and challenging environment, the M5NS has its origins in cutting-edge commercial hardware and software that supports advanced 5G standards. NxGenComm’s expertise is in applying that same hardware and software to the battlefield use case and providing a flexible solution that meets warfighter requirements in order to fight and win in the 21st century.



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Defense & Public Safety

Secure, high speed and low latency communications are fundamental to today’s warfighters and public safety practitioners. NxGenCom’s platforms are capable of meeting the dependability and versatility required by today’s warfighters and public safety professionals.

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