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As 5G becomes the “go-to” solution for many, a standard 5G deployment may not be able to meet the needs of all. NxGenComm is deploying 5G technology in ways to address the challenges that standard 5G broadband presents. Select a market to discover all the ways we can simplify your path to network modernization.

Military communications are at an inflection point. It must evolve to face the threats of the new century. High speed 5G connectivity is critical for enabling the new capabilities required for dealing peer or near-peer adversaries in the multi-domain battlespace. This includes sea, land, air and space. NxGenComm provides dependable systems to support our nation’s defense requirements.

The question asked most when discussing 5G connectivity is, “what can we use it for”. See below for several examples:


Artillery munitions are currently being expended at phenomenal rates.  And the expectation is that this rate of expenditure will continue in current and future conflicts.  Guided munitions (that enable greater accuracy) are more likely to hit their target than non-guided munitions and as such, are currently undergoing a revolution in terms of range, accuracy, and scalability or manufacturability. 

NxGenComm solutions platform are capable of supporting real-time datalinks for multiple extended-range guided munitions. The increased accuracy and real-time features enable munitions to hit stationary and highly mobile targets that are difficult to target or contain targeting location errors when initially fired. Additionally, high update rates grant decision-makers unmatched flexibility to access new targeting data, adjust to new targets mid-air, or make last-millisecond friend or foe determinations.


With the introduction of the specification for 5G 3GPP Non-Terrestrial Networks and Integrated Access Backhaul, and existing tried and true SatCom waveforms, connectivity with platforms over our heads is available globally everywhere, any time and at a lower cost than ever before. NxGenComm’s platforms can support high throughput connectivity for drones, aircraft and LEO satellites. Highly flexible platforms like NxGenComm’s SDPs can support network infrastructure equipment (base stations), modems, or mobile relay on a single integrated platform for everything from unmanned aerial systems to low Earth orbit satellites.

Last Mile Fiber to Home

These days, broadband internet connectivity is considered more of a right than a privilege. It is a productivity multiplier and unlocks new economic capabilities for those with access. Unfortunately, it remains an obstacle for much of rural America. This is typically due to the cost calculation cable or fiber companies make when they weigh the cost of laying fiber to areas against the density of areas. Federal grant and subsidy programs are beginning to allocate significant budgets to close this digital divide. NxGenComm’s SDP solutions are ideal for this use case. With our small-size solution, wireless 5 G-based connectivity can be provided to homes without having to invest in wired infrastructure.

Private Networks

With publicly available spectrum, enterprises and consumers have more control over their network availability and are free to deploy their own networks to address their needs. NxGenComm’s SDP solution is capable of providing these private networking solutions with a complete 5G system that includes all 5G network components in a distributed or single consolidated package. Deploy your private 5G network wherever you’d like: indoors, outdoors, on a vehicle or in a grain silo as long as there is access to power.

Small Cells/Pico Cells (gNBs)

Small Cells, Pico Cells and Micro Cells are key components in any commercial mobile operators network. Data consumption is only increasing and operators are limited by available spectrum they can utilize in their network. Operators have turned to cost effective densification strategies in order to increase their network footprint and plug in their coverage and capacity gaps. NxGenComm’s SDP Solutions are a perfect fit for these strategies and are being deployed in the market now.


NxGenComm solutions including the M5NS support a variety of tactical use cases including but not limited to UAS, vehicle and man-portable deployments. Cutting edge technology compressed into a small form factor, with reduced power consumption, and light weight, means a solution ideal for tactical applications.

Test Ranges

Military test ranges often suffer from a dearth of connectivity when connectivity is critical. Accurate sensors deployed throughout test ranges are only as good as their ability to upload their measurements in real-time. As weapon, intercept and communications systems become more complex with faster execution, real-time high data rate connectivity is essential. NxGenComm’s solutions provide real-time connectivity in hardened form factors and a variety of different gateways and topologies to transmit sensor data to where it can be analyzed and interpreted.


According to the Congressional Research Service, the U.S. has identified hypersonic systems as a priority defense and research area. However, current connectivity relies upon 10 or 20-year-old datalinks that limit uplink and downlink speeds for telemetry and payloads. Real-time broadband connectivity with hypersonic platforms is required to obtain the most accurate data. NxGenComm flexible SDPs support robust, low latency broadband connectivity capable of driving new applications for hypersonic platforms.

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