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As 5G becomes the “go-to” solution for many, a standard 5G deployment may not be able to meet the needs of all. While there are a proliferation of 5G networks and coverage (5G operates on up to three frequency bands: low, medium (FR1) and high (FR2) not all 5G is equal.  


Defense / Public Safety

Secure, high speed and low latency communications are fundamental to today’s war fighters and public safety practitioners. Yet the challenging environments that they operate in create difficulties in providing this bedrock of connectivity. Terrain, topography, climate, velocities, radio environments, and malicious actors can create unique challenges to defense and public safety connectivity systems. Given its innovative and versatile platforms, design, and development experience, NxGenComm is well-positioned and can provide solutions that overcome these obstacles and support warfighters and public safety practitioners in executing their missions while enjoying connectivity.

NxGenCom’s platforms are capable of meeting the dependability and flexibility required by today’s warfighters and public safety professionals.
As 5G becomes the “go-to” solution for many, a standard 5G deployment may not be able to meet the needs of all. NxGenComm is deploying 5G technology in ways to address the challenges that standard 5G broadband presents. Select a market to discover all the ways we can simplify your path to network modernization.

Military communications are at an inflection point. It must evolve to face the threats of the new century. High speed 5G connectivity is critical for enabling the new capabilities required for dealing peer or near-peer adversaries in the multi-domain battlespace. This includes sea, land, air and space. NxGenComm provides dependable systems to support our nation’s defense requirements.


With the advent of new 5G standards, LEO constellations, a variety of unmanned aerial systems, and other new technologies, connectivity with high velocity platforms is no longer the challenge it once was. And connectivity with/via high velocity platforms is currently a bedrock feature anytime, anywhere on the planet. This ability to communicate from handsets to Low Earth Orbit Satellites opens new applications for high-speed broadband datalinks.


Digital Agriculture

Connecting technology & people within private farm networks to enable better communication and more accurate and optimized farming now and in the future.

As weather, wildlife, and other variables can significantly impact a crop’s yield, farmers are turning to technology to measure and improve those things they can control: measuring and tracking soil and crops, and more effectively and efficiently controlling tractors and other equipment. However, farmers also struggle to obtain broadband internet connectivity at an affordable price to connect their farm environment. NxGenComm provides the farmer broadband access via a single connection to gather, control, and maintain ownership of their data on a real-time basis.


Rural Broadband

“Last mile” broadband connectivity to underserved communities and markets where fiber installation and connection is not financially viable.
Homes and businesses in rural areas continue to struggle with internet access. Even in areas where fiber has been installed, the cost of delivering fiber to the home or business, the “last mile” connection, can still be cost prohibitive for the fiber company and the consumer. NxGenComm spans that last mile through our unique application of 5G technology, providing broadband speeds of 100Mbs symmetrically at ranges up to 30km from our towers. End-users also benefit because we can deliver these services as competitive rates, literally a fraction of the cost of bringing fiber to the home or business.
  • Quality, affordable broadband service, directly to your home or business.
  • A simpler connectivity solution for remote and underserved communities.
  • Stay agile and connected with dedicated internet services.

Commercial Mobile Network Operators

5G poses new connectivity challenges. Today’s operators are faced with increased network demands while still being saddled with legacy infrastructure and technologies. The traditional formula of more capacity (i.e., more spectrum) is not always feasible considering coverage requirements. Small Cells, Pico Cells, and Microcells are uniquely designed to maximize the operator investments in spectrum. Smaller scale but with the functionality of a complete Macro-Cell, Small Cell and Pico Cells are quick and easy to deploy and can provide the required coverage and increased capacity. Deployable in households, enterprises, street lights, etc., Small Cells and Pico Cells can significantly densify an operator’s network with minimal capex.

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NxGen Comm delivers innovative wireless solutions using commercial technologies to solve challenging use cases.
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